People tend not to like rules and generally dislike forms so the following has been kept short, simple and in point form. It’s mostly common sense however we’ve found it helps if everyone knows where they stand and whats expected and most importantly, what seems to work for our community!

– no peer 2 peer (torrents, etc)

– label your food with your name and date – fridge and cupboard. no label = communal
– fridge will be checked weekly. Any perishable items not labeled or over 7 days old will be thrown out, including the container.
– leave your dirty dishes in your suite/at your desk
– wash, dry, put your clean dishes away. do not leave them in the sink or the drying rack
– clean bench after use (food and drinks both make mess)

– cleaners come weekly on Tuesday night
– keep toilets clean and better than you found them
– bins go out onto the street on Tuesday night and are collected Wednesday
– empty your office bin into the large bins in the garage, not into the bins in the kitchen
– place boxes/large recyclables next to the bins in the carpark, the cleaner will put them out with the bins

– make sure the door is closed (gently) behind you, don’t let it slam behind you
– be security conscious

shared facilities:
– if you move furniture, put it back when you’re done
– leave any space you use in a clean and orderly fashion
– leave communal items in their place, do not move them to your desk/suite

– be energy conscious
– turn off any lights you’re not using
– heating/cooling settings are set for maximum comfort, please discuss with Tony if you are uncomfortable.
– be in communication! if something is missing/broken/out of place, let management know
– be considerate of others and your environment, particularly on calls or when making any noise
– any signs with the hive studio logo form part of this agreement
– if you break it, you buy it

These guidelines are subject to change. Please refer to the website for the current version.

The personal information provided in this application form will be held in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. It may be disclosed to external organisations or individuals in instances where action relating to recovery of a debt owed. You are entitled to access and correct your personal information.